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PURPOSE: The coating is intended for long-term protection against corrosion of structures made of ferrous metals, which are used in strongly and slightly aggressive environments:
- ship hulls;
- working surfaces of tankers for transportation of oil and gas products;
- Pipelines of various purposes, including underground ones;
- storage tanks for mineral fertilizers and other
aggressive liquid and bulk cargo;
- oil platforms;
- Port facilities.

ACTUALITY of protection of metal structures from corrosion in corrosive environments:
An important link in the long-term operation of the above facilities, operating in corrosive environments, is the effective anti-corrosion protection of the working surfaces of their metal structures. Frequent dismantling and repair, caused by corrosion, emergency elements of metal structures leads to serious material losses.

- Offshore oil production platform - severe erosion and corrosion in the zone of varying impacts of seawater and the atmosphere

To improve the quality, reliability and durability of metal structures while reducing the cost and timing of construction in the area of creating anticorrosion coatings on them, the following interrelated tasks should be solved:
1. Creation of effective ecologically safe anticorrosive materials and industrial technology of their application;
2. Creation of modern mechanized and automated technological equipment and bases (plants) for the production of metal structures with a coating;
3. Creation of equipment for coating in the manual metallization mode for metal structures, including in the area of ​​welded seams.


These tasks can be solved using the new flux cored wire PP-4 (TOPAS), developed by the author, which provides anticorrosion coating, technology of its application and equipment for ultrasonic electric arc metallization USM-5.


Supersonic thermal spraying based on the use of plasma of combustion products

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