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APPLICATION: It is intended for application of dense hard, wear-resistant and anticorrosive coatings on the working surfaces of assemblies and components

- heavily loaded crankshaft locomotives, ship installations, cars - seats for bearings of locomotive and wagon wheel pairs, pumps

- hulls of ships, port facilities, offshore platforms - can be used to restore and improve the reliability of parts of the friction pair of most knots.

NOVELTY:     The new technology for coating the working surfaces of crankshafts is based on  a  fundamentally  new method  of  electric  arc  metallization in  a supersonic high-temperature jet of combustion products of air and natural gas.         

The improvement in the quality of coatings guaranteeing a sufficient margin of operational reliability is achieved due to the use as an atomizing gas of an economical high-temperature supersonic flow of hot combustion products of methane with air.

In this case, in comparison with other processes,

     - the  kinetic  energy  of the  sputtered  particles  rises  4  to 5 times, their  flight speed increases from 70-150 m / s  to  250-300 m / s.

     - the degree  of  burn-out  of  carbon  falls  from  40-60%  to  3-6%, and  silicon and manganese  from  20-25%  to  2-3%.

     - the adhesion strength of the coating with the substrate increases from 20-40 MPa to 55-80 MPa,

     - porosity  decreases  from  8-15%  to  0-2%,

A distinctive feature of such coatings is a homogeneous lamellar structure, low (~ 1.5%) porosity, which prevents shrinkage of the coating during the operation of parts.

                          CONTENTS OF DELIVERY


   1.  Power supply                                                      - 1 pc.

   2.  Control unit                                                         - 1 pc.

   3.  Stationary metallization unit                               - 1 pc. (possible  supply unit

                                                                                          manual metallization)

   4.  Cable-hose bag up to 5 meters long                   - 1 pc.    

   5.  Autonomous cooling unit (BAO)                           - 1 pc.     

   6.  Coils for feeding wire                                           - 1 pc.     

   7.  Remote control                                                    - 1 piece.      

   8.  Set of mounting connections                               - 1 pc.      

   9.  Set of spare parts                                                - 1 set.

 10.  Passport, technical description and

           Instruction manual                                          - 1 set

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