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PURPOSE : Designed for surface hardening

-  crests of solid-rolled and shrouded wheels of trams of cars and   locomotives

-  working head of rail

-  high-speed release of the surface before turning
Installation can produce      hardening  of  the  crests  of  wheels,  as  under locomotives,  cars  and  trams,  and  on  a  separate  wheel  pair.   

INSTALLATION PROVIDES: 1. Hardening of the crests of wheels for hardness in the range of  380-600NV

which becomes an effective way to solve the rail-wheel problem.

2. Release  of  the surface  of  skating  with sliders  having  a  hardness  above 500NV  to  a hardness  of 180-220NV  to a  depth of       up to  4mm.,  That allows to  increase speed of a  turn  of  a  wheel  in 3 times and saves  wear of cutting tools.
3. Repeatability  of  the  optimal structure of  the hardened  zone of the crest during the hardening process  in the depo  and  directly        on  the  tracks,  in  the
range  of  ambient  temperature  change  from  -10 ° C  to  + 40 ° C.

4. Hardening  in  the  zone  of  contact  with  the crest  of  the wheel head  for hardness up to 400-450NV,  which makes  it  possible       to  increase  the  service life  of the  rail and  reduce (especially at bends) the  friction coefficient  of the rail-wheel  pair by  30-40%


                                            Basic option

1. Rectifier (power supply)      TOPAS-4                                    - 1 pc.

2. Control  block                                                                         - 1pc.
3. Arc  ignition block                                                                   - 1 pc.
4. The gas block                                                                         - 1 pc

5. Heating module                                                                      - 2 pcs.

6. Cable-hose bag, length up to 8 meters                                  - 2 pcs.

7. Autonomous  cooling unit                                                       - 1 pc.

8. Set  of installation communications                                        - 1 set.

9. A set of spare parts and  Accessories  according

    to  the  spare parts list                                                            - 1 set
10. Passport,  technical  description         

        and  instruction manual                                                       - 1 set.

The computer unit with the control equipment adapted for it is also supplied as part of the installation UVPZ-2MK with computer support as agreed with the CUSTOMER.

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